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Ian Kellett

Senior Producer

Ian Kellett started his film career young, acting as a local television host as a child and hasn't left the industry since. In highschool he created the F-Stop Film festival for Colorado high school students as well as the Douglas County Television Academy. Ian was already creating work for clients as a freelance filmmaker as well as working for the local DC8 tv studio. He spent some time in both New York and California, working on sets such as “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” and “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2”. Before graduating high school, Ian had several Emmy awards, Telly Awards, and major motion picture work under his belt. Ian graduated from CU Denver's College of Arts & Media with a Film/Theater/Television Degree in 2013. Ian helped found Liquid Luck in 2011, starting his work with clients with his wife Lauryn. Today, he produces several projects at Liquid Luck for branding, commercial and television projects. He also sits on the board of the Colorado Film & Video Association as the President.

Ian loves to work on videos that help define a company's "why", making stories that audiences can really connect to. Ian loves the challenge of trying to make corporate branding creative, engaging and cinematic. Having a story that audiences can connect with is Ian's goal behind every story. Ian wants to work on stories about people challenging themselves and overcoming obstacles. Working with teams of creatives that can have fun and get the job done is his favorite environment to be in. 

Ian's Awards

2018 - CU Denver's Recent Alumni Award 2018

2015 - Emmy Award - Short Format Program PSA "Developmental Pathways: Kids in Art" 

2014 - Moondance International Film Festival - Finalist & Screener "Back to the 80's!"

2014 - Emmy Award - Student Achievement “Back to the 80’s!”

2013 - Moondance International Film Festival - Short Documentary Semi-Finalist "A Glass Half Empty" 

2013 - Emmy Award - Student Achievement "A Glass Half Empty"

2013 - Cinefest - Best Cinematography "Roses in December"

2013 - Cinefest -1st Place Audience Choice "Back to the 80's!" 

2013 - Cinefest -2nd Place Audience Choice "Roses in December"

2012 - Denver 48 Hour Film Project - Top 15 for "Dreamoff 2012"

2012 - Digital Visions - Best Documentary Award "A Glass Half Empty"

2012 - Cinefest - Best Production 3 Award "A Glass Half Empty"

2011 - Cinefest - Best Trailer "A Glass Half Empty"

2008 - Tri Media Film Festival - Screened “Suburban Cowboys”

2007 - Emmy Nomination - Documentary "Suburban Cowboys"

2007 - Emmy Nomination - Short Film Promoting Recreation “Kids Talk: East/West Trail”

2007 - Emmy Nomination - PSA/Community Affairs “Depression”

2007 - Emmy Nomination - Arts & Entertainment “FSTOP Episode 3”

2007 - Emmy Nomination - Technical Achievement “Dilemma Trailer”

2007 - RCHS - Best Documentary "Suburban Cowboys"

2007 - PAC Awards - 1st Place Comedy “No Paper”

2007 - PAC Awards - Overall Filmmaker "Ian Kellett"

2007 - PAC Awards - 1st Place Documentary “Suburban Cowboys”

2007- DCTV - Award of Appreciation "Ian Kellett"

2006 - Emmy Nomination - Youth/Children's Program "F-Stop" 

2004 - CSPAN Campaign Cam - 3rd Place "Bowling for Gun Control"

2004 - Moondance International Film Fest - Short Documentary Dolphin Award "Kids Talk: Guatemala"

2004 - Boulder Youth Film Fest - Selected to Screen "Mouse that Roars"

2004 - NATOA - Children Under $300,000 Community Awareness “The Mouse that Roars"

2004 - Emmy Nomination - Informational/Instructional Program "The Mouse that Roars"

2004 - Telly - “Kids Talk: Guatemala” 

2004 - Telly - "The Mouse that Roars"

2003 - DCTA Award - “Kids Talk: Monument Valley”

2003 - DCTA Award - “Kids Talk: Streams”

2003 - DCTA Award - “Twin Flame”

2003 - Emmy Nomination - Youth and Children's Program "Kids Talk"

2003 - Telly - "Kids Talk: Monument Valley"

2003 - Telly - “Kids Talk”

2003 - Telly -“Kids Talk: Geology”

2003 - NRPA - Market & Communications Kudos Award Best Short Film “East/West Trail”

2002 - NATOA - 2nd Place “Kids Talk: Roxborough”

1999 - HRHS Film Festival - 2nd Place Award “Kids Talk: Streams”

1999 - HRHS Film Festival - 1st Place Community Awareness Award “Kids Talk: Monument Valley”

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