Lauryn Kellett

Senior Producer
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Lauryn Kellett has been creating films from a young age, starting with her parent’s movie camera. She graduated from Mountain Vista High School, where she ran the school’s TV studio. In 2010 she won the Kathryn Bigalow Film Award at her high school. She graduated from CU Denver in 2014 with a Major in Theater, Film, & Television Production and a business minor. She won two Heartland Emmy's and founded her production company, Liquid Luck Productions, as a student. Five years out of school and working in the industry, she currently produces with the Liquid Luck team on television, documentary, and brand content for clients. She was elected to be a board member of the Colorado Film & Video Association in March of 2019. Her goals are to help her team and the filmmakers of Colorado create big-budget projects so they can live and work in Colorado.

"I love working on projects that incite passion and excitement. My motto is that when you are passionate about your story and I'm excited about making your project, that passion will be felt by your audience in your video. I absolutely love photography and being able to capture beautiful moments in our lives like a new addition to the family or a wedding. I would love to work on more creative photography projects that are whimsical in nature. My favorite subjects to film and video usually reflect my own personal interests: animals, metaphysics, women's issues, family moments, vlogging, and philosophy to name a few. I love helping businesses take that next step towards their marketing goals with video, whether it be social media marketing, vlogging, or a new website design. I'm passionate about helping Colorado filmmakers thrive and I love speaking to and hosting classes for younger filmmakers and students. Whether we are spreading your message to make the world a better place or capturing a moment that you will cherish forever, I want you to love the final product you receive from Liquid Luck."

Lauryn's Awards

2019 - Elected to Board of Colorado Film & Video Association (CFVA)

2015 - Thumbtack - Top Denver Wedding Videographer

2015 - EFPapalooza - Screens "Square"

2014 - Moondance International Film Festival - Finalist & Screener "Back to the 80's!"
2014 - Colorado Independent Women Festival of Film selects "Square" as a screener

2014 - Emmy Award - Student Achievement “Back to the 80’s!”

2013 - Moondance International Film Festival - Short Documentary Semi-Finalist "A Glass Half Empty" 

2013 - Colorado Independent Women of Film - Screens "Roses in December"

2013 - Emmy Award - Student Achievement "A Glass Half Empty"

2013 - Cinefest - Best Cinematography "Roses in December"

2013 - Cinefest - Production Design "Back to the 80's!"

2013 - Cinefest -1st Place Audience Choice "Back to the 80's!" 

2013 - Cinefest -2nd Place Audience Choice "Roses in December"

2012 - Denver 48 Hour Film Project - Top 15 for "Dreamoff 2012"

2012 - Digital Visions - Best Documentary Award "A Glass Half Empty"

2012 - Cinefest - Best Production 3 Award "A Glass Half Empty"

2011 - Cinefest - Best Trailer "A Glass Half Empty"

2011 - Denver Silent Film Festival - Screens "Cat and Mouse

2010 - UCD "Rack The Focus" Textbook - Accepted Script "Pumpkin Juice"

2010 - MVHS - "Kathryn Bigalow" Film Award Lauryn Guerrieri

2009 - Denver Film Society Daffy's - Comedy Nomination  "Rock, Paper, Scissors"