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Noah Smith

Producer, Editor

Noah has had a passion for telling peoples’ stories for as long as he can remember. When he attended Lakewood High School he was introduced to the art of filmmaking. The marriage of filmmaking and storytelling motivated him to attend CU Denver’s Film and Television program, where he learned and developed the skills to craft professional films and videos.  During this time Noah also came to work with Liquid Luck Productions. He has helped Liquid Luck on an extensive number of projects and in late 2018, after graduating with a BFA, became a full time producer with Liquid Luck. Noah’s passion for telling people's stories has now expanded into a dedication to helping clients find their stories, whether it be for a television show, a documentary, or a promotional video.

He finds deep satisfaction in lending his skills to tell the stories of marginalized people and giving those who do not have a platform, a place to speak.. Whether it is the nonprofit that seeks to help communities, the business owner who provides a necessary service for others, or the kids who are looking for a brighter future and trying to avoid violence in their community he believes that everyone deserves a chance to succeed and, through video, he can help give people that chance


Noah’s main passion is working with nonprofits and on documentary films. He is always striving to help nonprofits communicate the great work they do within the community and helping them use that information to expand their potential reach. His experience in documentary and storytelling helps him to create compelling narratives that truly reflect the hard work that nonprofits do every day.


Noah’s long term goals are to create feature documentaries that showcase those underserved communities and to continue finding the compelling that hide in daily life.

Behind the Scenes with Noah

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