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Phoenix Chu

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Phoenix Chu began his film career as a young freshman in high school. He graduated from Green Mountain High School where he ran the school’s broadcasting studio (GMHS Announcements) as well as creating promotional videos for the school and the school’s departments. For his capstone project, Phoenix directed/filmed/edited a documentary about the contaminated water in Lower Bear Creek for a non-profit organization, Groundwork Denver. In 2015, Phoenix took his film career to the University of Colorado Denver where he graduated with a BFA in Film & Television in May 2019. In those years, Phoenix was a part of many award-winning film projects like the Movie Magic Producer Award in 2018 and Cinefest's Best Cinematography award in 2019. Not even a month out of school, Phoenix joined Liquid Luck Productions to help with many projects and has now become a full-time producer with Liquid Luck.

I always loved hearing stories, but with the addition of visual storytelling, it allows me to immerse myself further into the story! I believe it is not just the sensory of hearing but also the sensory of seeing that makes a connection to the two and it usually gives us (the audience) a better understanding. Anyone can say their company is highly professional and sleek, but we can’t judge that unless we see an image or video that supports that statement. This is what I aim to achieve with clients on capturing their story/message visually! Every company has a story whether it's the background story, why your company is different from others, or capturing a special moment! I hope to be able to work with you for whatever creative needs you may have, as Liquid Luck strives to provide you a final product that you will love!

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