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  • Lauryn

Filming Walls in North Dakota

Yep, you read it right, we were filming walls. But they were the coolest walls you've ever seen, we promise! Hufcor, a company that specializes in custom built collapsible walls, asked us to fly out to North Dakota for their film shoot. We got to visit Dickenson Middle School in the final stages of it being built to make a training video, hard hats included. Hufcor's walls are designed to separate rooms into pieces, collapse to open up a room, or reveal white boards hidden inside. The walls look cumbersome, but are actually very easy to move, as you can see yours truly demonstrating. This video was designed for teachers, so that Hufcor didn't have to send agents out to coach them and that the teachers could access anytime they needed help. Now any school or event space with Hufcor walls can watch our how-to video and become a pro at setting up these rooms!

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