Are we the only ones who are tired of all the social media marketing philosophies out there? There are so many experts on the subject, each claiming to have the perfect formula for getting more sales and followers. There are so many rules, analytics, and minute details, there's no way any one person could possibly keep up! And just when you think you've gotten it figured out, Facebook changes its platform, making you start all over from square one.

Here's our marketing philosophy:

What do we hate when it comes to advertising? We hate repetitive posts, we hate seeing people post 20+ times a day, and we hate being spammed. What do we love? When companies are honest, sincere, even funny! When brands put the time and effort into the content they are putting out, making it completely relevant to our need. Most importantly, they aren't in our faces all day, every day.

Putting Yourself in Their Shoes

Consumers see up to 10,000 messages from brands a day. Let's face it unless you have millions of dollars to spend on 
online advertising, your product is going to struggle to be seen. So how do businesses with little to no money grow their following? We believe that it comes down to a very simple, common sense method.


You truly want to help your customers and showing that honesty always comes first when we make any post.

great content

Having content that is relevant to your message and valuable to your customers is a complex task we strive to achieve.


Posting a consistent healthy amount is key to not wearing out your customers. Misleading or tricking customers is never OK.


It's important to have a general awareness of each platforms standards, but we won't ditch everything when the shiny new sales tactic comes to town.

Consider Social Media Marketing with Liquid Luck

So many of us are already wearing so many hats within our businesses that we simply don't have time to become an expert in social media. Liquid Luck's social media team will help you promote your content and your message over the platforms that you choose. Whether you want us to do it all for you or only on certain days with specific content, we will customize to your unique needs. This option is open to all customers, even if you don't create videos with us. Liquid Luck can be your one-stop shop for photo, video, marketing, and web/logo design needs.
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