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Free Consultations with Liquid Luck Productions

You can create the best video on the internet, but that doesn't mean a thing if your audience never sees it. When you book with Liquid Luck, we will set up consultations teaching you how to distribute your video. Giving you the latest video marketing trends, you will learn about the best platform for your video and how you can reach your audience. Schedule a free one-hour consultation today to discover the best video for your brand.

What will My Initial Consultation Look Like?

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your goals and vision for your video. We will recommend the best package and type of video based on your needs. We will discuss filming and editing logistics as well as recommended distribution options that we think is best for your video.

What is a Distribution Consultation?

Liquid Luck differs from their competitors by offering distribution consultations. Once your video is complete we will teach you how to use the best platforms for your video. We will show you how to monetize, analyze and track your videos progress for ultimate success. We keep up with the market's leading standards on web marketing and help you optimize your video to give you tangible results.

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