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Welcoming the New Faces of Liquid Luck

With the increasing amount of work we get every year at Liquid Luck, we are always in need of extra editing help! Although this post is delayed in its timing, we are very excited to welcome Tasha, Noah, and Caitlin to the Liquid Luck team! Tasha and Noah have been working as assistant editors for Liquid Luck since August 2016. They are both students of CU Denver and are working tirelessly on the Living Overseas project. They've lightened the load on us tremendously with their editing, allowing us to spend more time on clients and marketing.

And this week, we are welcoming a new intern, Caitlin to help on our Intuitive Network Project! Caitlin is also going to be helping out as an assistant editor to get the experience she needs in the commercial world. She is student at CFS and her end goal is to become an animator!

We've had a few interns and freelancers in the past, but they all came in on a project-to-project basis. It's exciting to have enough work now to keep 3 editors busy, giving Ian and Lauryn more time to focus on finding new clients. Welcome to the team Tasha, Noah & Caitlin!

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