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A Liquid Luck Wedding Event

With the new year just hours away, we thought what better way to celebrate 2017 than share our latest wedding video! OUR wedding video. Yep, did we mention we got married this year? Ian and I met in a high school film class, went to film school together, and started our own film company together: Liquid Luck Productions. When it came time to pick a videographer for our wedding, we knew exactly who'd be doing our video: Liquid Luck! We had our talented videographers film the day of and we edited the video just like we would any other client. We even got to share the day with our high school film professor that brought us together (and encouraged us to pursue film)! With a lot of our guests being photographers and videographers, it was a film-filled day. Film brought us together as a couple (and as a company) and we are so excited to share this video with you!

Photo by Jill Houser Photography

We've done several weddings over the years, including our own. Our first being Willie & Adrian's, then Gia & Erick's, as well as Reid & Subbu's (also our dance instructors). And we can't wait to film for Marcus & Tyla's Wedding this next year! We've shot for many others in between, so it only felt natural to do our own. With Liquid Luck, every Bride/Groom gets the option to have a longer version of their wedding (about 10-20 minutes) as well as a highlight version for online (3-5 minutes). We also include the full toasts, first dance, and ceremony in our packages as well as a slideshow of photos. Sometimes we even have enough footage to make a little music video of a reception! Here is an example of ours:

Photo by Jill Houser Photography

We love filming weddings and we've had so many couples say that video helps them remember the day so much more than their photos. Contact us today to discuss our wedding packages and how we can help you remember your wedding day for years to come. We had an amazing 2017 here at Liquid Luck and we thank all the clients that booked with us this year. Here's to a successful 2018 to all of our future clients and a Happy New Year!

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