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A New Year's Resolution: Expanding Our Team

If you've read our previous blog about working as a small production business in Colorado, you probably know that we've chosen the non-traditional route as far as a film career. We are passionate about providing film jobs to people who love Colorado and don't want to move to to another state. We are also passionate about providing jobs where people aren't working grueling 14+ hour days. Let's just say, we like film, but we also like having a life!

We are planning on expanding our team over the course of 2018 and we want to extend that invitation to like minded filmmakers in the Colorado community! We are looking for producers, freelance editors/shooters, as well as interns. You can apply for any position or grow with us as a filmmaker. We have a hierarchical structure here at Liquid Luck that encourages education and quality first, but has room for growth, unlike a lot of Colorado film houses:


Anyone with a passion for film can apply as an intern to learn the ropes on how to work in the film industry. Internships are structured to teach you how to shoot, edit, and master basic filmmaking techniques.


Both interns and new applicants are accepted for shooting and editing roles. When you can prove to be skilled in basic techniques and hit deadlines, you can apply to work on a paid job-to-job basis.


Shooters and Editors who'd prefer to move up into a full-time producing role will then learn how to manage teams of filmmakers, work with and find new clients, and manage production budgets.

We are so excited to bring new people into Liquid Luck on both a business and creative level! We plan on having a large office in the near future, doing team building events and seeing movies together, and providing stable, well compensated, and fulfilling work. If you are interested in applying for one of the above roles, check out the Facebook live Q&A on we did giving out more information on the roles. Contact us today with the role you are interested in, your qualifications, a resume, and a reel (if you have one).

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