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Where did Liquid Luck get its name?

Where did Liquid Luck Productions get its name? This is a question that we get asked all the time and we love telling our story! It all started back in the year 2011:

Ian and Lauryn had worked on each other's film projects but had yet to collaborate on one together. They were students at the University of Colorado Denver and decided to tag-team their first film/assignment together: "Pumpkin Juice". Written by Lauryn and directed by Ian, this film was about an imaginative young boy (who loved Harry Potter) and his mother, who had decidedly had enough. Check out our first film here:

When Ian and Lauryn later decided to form a company together, they looked towards their first film for inspiration. It was heavily draped with a lot of Harry Potter references, so it seemed natural to have a company with a Harry Potter influenced name! They scoured the books for references that were subtle, but also recognizable by any Harry Potter fanatic. It even got some screen time in this scene from Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince:

Liquid Luck, more commonly known as Felix Felicis, was a potion that made the drinker lucky for a period of time, allowing everything they attempt to be successful. A name that struck true with Ian and Lauryn, as they always strived to create successful videos that inspired! It was a perfect fit, it rolled off the tongue, and it was memorable in a way that you knew you had heard it before.

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