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Marcus & Tyla's Engagement Photos: Take Two

We got to hang out with Marcus and Tyla at the Botanic Gardens in Denver last week to shoot the second half of their engagement photos! If you follow our blog, you might remember that we had a rainy day shooting with them the first time around and we decided to reschedule once the weather got a little warmer. It was well worth it as the cherry blossoms were in full bloom at the park and the indoor gardens had a perfect tropical feel for their upcoming beach wedding.

Engagement shoots are completely different depending on the couple. You end up having to pose the couple, asking them to kiss/hold hands/hug/etc. and that can be nerve-wracking when someone is photographing it. So we like to crack jokes and get playful so that our clients always feel comfortable when they are with us. Marcus and Tyla were already a playful couple, so we took that into account when shooting, making sure to show their more playful side with each other. They've asked us to photograph their destination wedding in September and we cannot wait to be part of their big day!

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