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Welcoming New Faces

Liquid Luck has been mostly made up of Ian and myself, plus a few freelance filmmakers here and there, for the past seven years. The first four years we had little attention given to outside clients, as we were still in college and focusing on short films and creative pieces. The three years after college have mostly been spent wearing a ton of hats. We managed all of our clients between the two of us and although we developed a system that worked, we kept burning out. We slowly realized that if you try to do it all yourself, you'll be stuck in a cycle of not being able to keep up and not creating the best work you can be making.

At the beginning of the year, Ian and I knew that if Liquid Luck was ever going to grow, a commitment to delegate and trust others had to be made. Enter our new team members! We've welcomed a handful of new producers, shooters, editors, and interns into our team and we couldn't be more excited! They've given us so much drive and hope that we've accomplished more in the past few months than we have in the last three years because of them. We welcome them with open arms and can't wait to see what we do as a team! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we give a spotlight on each new member over the next couple weeks.

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