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New Jersey: Filming for Accuride & First In Emergency Products

We talk all the time about how much we love Accuride, that we are slightly worried we might creep them out. Accuride makes slides of all types, but what's even cooler is how they market their drawer slides! Accuride consistently puts out video and photo content on their social media pages, which has put them at the top of their industry. Because they've decided to embrace the world of online marketing, instead of trying to fight it, they are excelling in their field.

Accuride sends us around the country to film their customers using their slides. Our first testimonial video was for Into the Wild Overland's awesome campers, which resulted in even more videos with their brand. Then we got to meet Vlad in New York City to film his woodworking business. And earlier this year we we able to travel to Tennessee to film Claire's Instagram Creations. Our latest video for Accuride took us to New Jersey to film First In Emergency Products.

These guys not only built custom emergency vehicles, but are volunteer firefighters or emergency responders themselves. They use Accuride slides in some creative ways in vehicles to save lives. That's pretty amazing. Check out the video we made for Accuride above and our "Behind the Scenes Vlog" below, our first ever travel vlog!

Since we've been to New Jersey, we've created another video for Accuride at Virginia Tech. Keep an eye out for it coming soon!

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