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Happily Lost: Liquid Luck's First Music Video

Nick's first project with us at Liquid Luck also happens to be one of our first: a music video! Nick contacted Jarod Hoffarth after hearing one of his beautiful piano pieces with a beautiful script in mind. Jarod was thrilled to work with us and we quickly went into production.

Nick contacted young actress, Maycee Taylor, and a familiar face, Madison Champine (in our Back to the 80's & Roses in December films). We spent a day in the woods of Colorado Springs, shooting everything on location. Check out our behind the scenes vlog below:

Ian and Noah were the editors for the project, taking many weeks to perfect the color and story to Nick's style. This project is one of our first shot in 5K, so be sure to view it in that resolution! To view the finished music video look below.

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