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A New Year's Note From Ian & Lauryn

We are so proud of our team and the progress we’ve made in 2018. At the end of every year we like to reflect on our accomplishments and set goals for the new year.

At the beginning of 2018, Liquid Luck was just Ian and Lauryn running the show with 1-2 freelance editors. We had been in a rut the past few years and decided to really commit to growing Liquid Luck in 2018. Over the course of the year, we’ve brought on four new people, moved into an office, celebrated our 7th birthday, had bigger budget projects, and are ending the year with two documentaries and a TV show in production. WOW.

Absolutely none of this would have happened without our team of amazing filmmakers. Ian and I didn't realize how much we needed a team, how much they'd motivate us, push us, and hold us accountable. Noah has brought in some amazing clients and is starting to produce his first ever feature length documentary. Nick has been constantly pushing us to embrace more creative projects, including directing the company's first music video. Lena brings light and happiness to our office, teaching us to be proud of ourselves. Katie (our former intern, now producer in training) has been so loyal and hardworking, inspiring us to work harder. We are so thankful for everyone in our tight knit group.

This year we focused heavily on building our team and creating a new foundation of Liquid Luck. The hurdles we faced at the beginning of 2018 that we thought were so big, were actually quite small. And the hurdles we face now seem larger, but its just a matter of time before they also become just another stepping stone. This year our focus is to grow our clientele and take on bigger budget projects.

We've embarked on projects that would have been intimidating with just the two of us. Our team inspired us to do a lot of research, looking at marketing agencies, ad agencies, and traditional video production houses to create a unique structure for us. We've broke into the world of TV & Docs, an area that film school really didn't educate us on and we've always felt lost in. We've discovered new avenues of fundraising and partnerships that make us really feel like business professionals. We've gotten back in touch with our alumni school where Ian won the Recent CU Alumni Award. We are almost outgrowing our space and we are becoming more involved in the filmmaker community again, Lauryn planning on running for the board of CFVA.

Thank you to all that support and follow us! We can't wait to share the exciting projects we've got going on for 2019.

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