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One More For the Road: A Last Trimester Maternity Shoot

It has been so special to be able to watch a wonderful family grow as we have watched the Pittman family. We have been lucky to watch not one but two of their babies come into this world and it has been a pleasure to capture their moments with them. First we were there for Grayson's birth. For Miss Autumn Bell we were lucky to watch her grow in two maternity shoots, this being her second, but if your curiosity is tingling check out her first!

But that finish line has finally appeared and it's closer then we thought. Luckily, we were able to capture the perfect moments to help bring this chapter for them to a close and ready for the best one of them all.

If you are hoping to capture those special moments in your baby's life don't wait too long to gives us a call, it all goes faster then you think.

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