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New Logo and Cinematography Reel

You've probably seen our Liquid Luck logo by now if you follow us on social media! One thing we were always missing was just an icon; a picture that represented Liquid Luck. Jen Sprocket, an awesome logo designer here in Colorado created exactly that for us! It's simple, professional, and something we've needed desperately! You may recognize Jen from our photoshoot we did with her and her husband. When you create a video with Liquid Luck, we want to make sure all your marketing needs can be met. Jen is one of our partners that can help spruce up your logo design!

The same week she delivered this logo, we just happened to be wrapping up our first cinematography reel! Why we hadn't made one yet, we couldn't tell you. But we compiled some of our best work into an awesome video to give you a taste of that Liquid Luck quality!

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