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Lauryn Elected to the CFVA Board

We are so excited to share that Lauryn, co-owner of Liquid Luck, was elected to the Board of the CFVA! The Colorado Film and Video Association "advocates and promotes Colorado’s media industry, by providing resources for sustainable careers and educational opportunities, to further community development, livelihood and economic impact for the state". If you have no idea what the CFVA is, we encourage you to check out their website and consider a membership. Lauryn hopes that by joining the board, she can make lasting connections for Liquid Luck and impact the state's film industry.


Lauryn Kellett has been creating films from a young age. She graduated from Mountain Vista High School, where she ran the school’s TV studio, in 2010 with the Kathryn Bigalow Film Award. She graduated from CU Denver in 2014 with a Major in Theater, Film, & Television Production and a business minor. She won two Heartland Emmy's and founded her production company, Liquid Luck Productions, as a student. Five years out of school and working in the industry, she currently produces with the Liquid Luck team on television, documentary, and brand content for clients. Her goals are to help her team create big-budget projects so they can live and work in Colorado.

"Representing a younger generation of filmmakers in Colorado, I hope to bring some new ideas and perspectives into the CFVA. I’m a big believer in keeping film in Colorado and helping filmmakers become more talented and prosperous while living in our beautiful state. While I'm on the CFVA board, I want to have a heavy focus on creating resources to educate filmmakers to develop their skills. As much as I believe incentives will help bring more work to Colorado, I think we also need to focus on creating a highly skilled film community to attract out-of-state productions. I have an entrepreneurial mind and I believe there's always a way to solve any problem that the board faces. I think my positivity and business mindset would be a great asset to the board and would help encourage local filmmakers to stay passionate about local work.

To execute this vision, I would like to focus my time on a educational events, communication, and state policies.

  • I’d like to have events where we bring in talented filmmakers to answer questions, or panels to give out some amazing resources, or meetings with members to see how we can better serve them. I believe that the more value the CFVA gives, the more we can instill confidence in filmakers to produce in Colorado.

  • I think my marketing knowledge would help improve the CFVA’s communication and outreach to members as well as getting the word out about events. I would like to see the CFVA bee more active on social media as well as email and text messaging for members. Working in conjunction with other film groups can also be a great marketing tool that I’d like to explore.

  • I’m not too versed on how the CFVA works with the political administration, but I really want to learn more so I can help in this arena. I think it's incredibly important to use our connections with CINEMA and the Polis administration to create more change at a political level. I’m happy to get my hands dirty if it means I’m bringing change to filmmakers across the state.

I think that all of these areas I’d like to focus on will help establish the CFVA as a legitimate resource to any filmmaker and Colorado. I hope my positivity would inspire board members to take action quickly, hold each other accountable and get results fast. I hope that at the least, I can help attract some new, talented, and young board members for the CFVA."

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