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A Note From Ian & Lauryn

As we all know, the coronavirus is currently impacting individuals and businesses all around the world. We wanted to share an update and some words of appreciation to our clients, filmmakers, and colleagues. We know many filmmakers have been negatively impacted because of the virus; losing gigs and having filming schedules delayed or completely canceled. Our hearts go out to our fellow creatives in the state and we hope that you remember that this too shall pass. We encourage filmmakers impacted to participate in the CFVA's survey.

We consider ourselves very lucky (no pun intended) that we have amazing clients and our producers supporting us during this time. Although our business is not immune to the effects of the market, we are grateful that a lot of our work can be done remotely. Although filming in person is more challenging, a lot of our videos can still be made with motion graphics, reused and stock footage. We are doing everything we can with our producers to approach this challenge creatively and keep spirits up. We are all working remotely to keep each other safe, and we are grateful to still have a studio to go back to and projects on our plate!

One of the challenges we wanted to overcome with Liquid Luck was to create stability in times of little to no work. We are proud that our business model has supported this in the past and is supporting our team now in light of recent events. We know that others are not so lucky and Ian and I want to thank everyone for their continued support

in our small business. We feel overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude

towards our team and clients and wish you all good health!

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