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Spring/Fall Internship Opportunities with Liquid Luck

Calling all interns! Liquid Luck is revamping its internship program to be more hands-on, more collaborative, and provide better samples for your portfolio. We want our interns to work on projects relative to the Colorado film industry, working with our experienced producers as not only editors and cinematographers but producers as well.

The Liquid Luck internship is an unpaid internship focused on creating three quick turn-around videos over the course of three months. The internship focuses on creating internal projects for Liquid Luck, creating social media content advertising for the company's Youtube channel "The Liquid Luck Crew". Interns will focus on three major aspects of filmmaking, from producing to filming and editing. Interns will create video ideas, set deadlines, prep for shoots and work with partners/local businesses. Interns will use the help of other interns to set up, film and break down for their videos as well as editing the finished product in a timely manner. Interns have access to Liquid Luck staff and equipment, meeting with different producers each week to receive instruction and help. The goal for interns is to have lots of hands-on experience in multiple areas of filmmaking and receive instruction from producers to excel in and create a portfolio of industrial/commercial video projects.

We will be accepting three new interns for every track, each track covering the course of three months. Our first track will start every spring (Feb-April) and conclude in the fall (Sep-Nov). If you are interested in applying, reach out following the instructions below. A waitlist may be in effect at times.

**August 2020 Update: We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2020.** Due to Covid, we are not offering a fall internship. We hope to welcome students back in Spring 2021. For those on our waitlist, expect to be contacted Jan. 2021. To get on our waitlist to be interviewed, please email with your resume, availability, interest level, and reel or video project examples (if applicable).

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