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Camping with Into the Wild Overland

We were hired by the lovely folks at Accuride to film testimonials and grab some photos for their latest video. Accuride makes high end sliders for cabinets and drawers that can manage heavy weight. And Into the Wild Overland is one of Accuride's many customers who uses the sliders in their campers. Because Accuride's headquarters aren't in Colorado, they hired us to film Matt, Into the Wild Overland's owner and founder. We frequently shoot for out of town companies and send them the footage as soon as we are done.

The first day mostly consisted of interviewing Matt and taking install photo and videos, highlighting Accuride's sliders. The second day was an all day adventure to the mountains to show Into the Wild Overland's campers in action. Being big campers ourselves, we loved how small and portable the campers were. There was enough storage space to bring up everything you'd need for the weekend as well as a fridge, stove, and sink to cook with in the back! There's also solar panels on top powering a lot of the devices and a instant hot water shower in a pelican case on the side. Matt can build all sorts of additions including bike racks, a motorcycle mount, and a rooftop tent! We had a great time shooting outdoors for Into the Wild Overland, thanks again Accuride!

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