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The Reality of Running a Production House in Colorado & Our Small Business Saturday Deal for You

As a lot of you may know, we are a small business, with a team of less than 10 people! With small business Saturday coming up on us, we are reflecting on how fortunate we've been to have all of you supporting us over the years. Most new companies have a life expectancy of less than 5 years and we are happy to say we are going into our 7th year as a business and still are slowly growing!

The Colorado Film Scene

Let's be honest, the film making scene in Colorado is sparse. There are no big budget movies being made here, mostly because our tax incentives are very low (production companies choose to go elsewhere, like Georgia or New Mexico). There are a few television stations and production houses in the state (High Noon and Citizen Pictures being the bigger ones), but they are fully staffed with little room for new hires. So where does that leave people who want to make a living in film? Well, a lot of them head out to California where there is more work (but also more people) to see if they can succeed. Or many try to start their own freelance film business, like we decided to do. Freelance film work in Colorado is mostly commercial work, ads and commercials for other businesses, with the occasional creative project that may pay. Our biggest clients are people like you: people trying to grow their business or brand.

The reality of it is: it's hard! Not only are we film makers, but we have to know how to run a business. But because of your support, we are able to do what we love and support some talented individuals!

Our Small Business Saturday Deal for You!

We know that a lot of people can't afford our services until they grow their business. But they know they need good photo and video to grow their business! We can see the dilemma a lot of them have and this gave us an idea! We could help those clients to better their photo/video skills until they reach the point where they can afford for the professional to step in. We are now offering Beginner Photography and Video Courses for Small Businesses! This is our way of giving back to you all for supporting us over the years!

Book a session with us before Small Business Saturday to receive $200 off!


-How to light for better photos and video

-The basics of recording video and how to operate a camera

-Equipment on the cheap (sound, lighting, tripods, etc.)

-How to take better photos AND edit them

-Uploading photo & video to web

-Very simple video editing

-How photos and videos can help your branding

-Different social media platforms and how to make content within their requirements

-Understanding insights for Facebook marketing

-Any other specific suggestions you have, we can teach you how to do yourself!

We can skype you, come to your office, teach you or all of your employees how to make better web content to build your business! We will customize our courses to exactly what your business needs, no more, no less. Call us today and tell us how we can help grow your brand!

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