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Into the Wild Overland: A Video Success Story

"Our company has been working with LLP for multiple shoots. They take the time to learn about your business and the people involved."

-Matt Reichel

We met Matt a few years ago when we filmed him for an Accuride testimonial about his custom campers. (Matt used Accuride's product and they wanted to film him for their social media, so Accuride called us.) Our original video was made for Accuride, but Matt was interested in what we were creating. After we explained the benefits of video marketing, Matt decided to invest in a re-edit of Accuride's video. We handed Matt his very first video and he was sold!

Matt came back to us a few months ago, ready to produce six more videos with us! The first of six videos being a walkthrough of his newest camper, the 2019 Boreas XT:

We loved seeing Matt's company grow and how much incorporating video marketing has helped him. He went from not really understanding why we were there to film him, to interested in having his own video, to wanting six!! We love helping businesses realize their potential and we really can't wait to see how these new videos will propel Into the Wild Overland forward.

Other Videos:

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