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A CU Success Story: Bioengineering Videos

After we created a gala video for the new CU Bioengineering Building and a video on their undergraduate program, the CU Bioengineering department asked for more! The department needs lots of content for their social media channel, so much so that one video at a time just wasn't fast enough. The CU Bioengineering department decided to take advantage of our Liquid Luck membership, guaranteeing multiple videos and photos every month. Not only are the people in the department fantastic to work with, but we learn so much about how their students and staff are saving lives right here in Colorado.

The first video under their new membership in August was all about their high school summer program: BOLT. This video can be used on social every year to target new prospective students.

The second video (September) was for their graduate program to attract potential students to their Masters of Science track.

For October, we created two 30-second spots, focusing more on getting as many edits as possible instead of filming. One of the videos highlighted the school's BMES Pitch Night.

For November, we created another two 30-second spots, focusing on what exactly bioengineering is and students' recent trip to Guatemala.

For December, we created another two educational short pieces, focusing on mechanical ventilators and pulmonary biomechanics.

For January, CU wanted a video focusing on the women leaders in the bioengineering field.

For February we created a video about one of the department's top professors, Dr. Shandas. March's video, we gathered the best footage from several shoots to create this banner video specially formatted for CU's website!

Additional Safety Videos for various labs filmed for Covid safety.

CU Bioengineering Campus Tour for prospective PhD students. This was filmed during covid by the CU staff, Liquid Luck compiled the edit.

Check back again as we update this blog with more of CU's videos!

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